Explaining Local Government

  title={Explaining Local Government},
  author={James A. Chandler},
Realising the Public Person
Abstract This article examines continuity and change in the issues facing councillors, in the history of UK local government. It considers the changing role of the councillor as a ‘public person’, in
Regionalism, Municipal Organization, and Interlocal Cooperation in Canada
Le défi que pose la gouvernance d’entités comportant plusieurs municipalités est une question qu’étudient depuis longtemps les chercheurs qui s’intéressent à l’administration municipale. Alors que
The Public Works Loan Board 1817-76 and the financing of public infrastructure
The Public Works Loan Board 1817-1876 and the financing of public infrastructure. The Public Works Loan Board was formed in 1817, mainly to lend money to finance public infrastructure. Nearly 200
The Ties That Bind?: Exploring the Dynamics of Intermunicipal Agreement Formation between Separated Cities and Counties
City-county separation was the original method of organizing municipalities in the province of Ontario. When an urban area of a county became classified as a city, it would be politically separated.
Political Economy as Public Policy: ‘Place- shaping’ as a Mode of Local Government Reform
The release of the Final Report of the Lyons Inquiry into Local Government in England, entitled Place-shaping: A Shared Ambition for the Future of Local Government was a significant milestone in the