Explainable "White-box" machine learning is the way forward in pre-eclampsia screening.

  title={Explainable "White-box" machine learning is the way forward in pre-eclampsia screening.},
  author={Michael Christiansen and Casper Wilstrup and Paula L. Hedley},
  journal={American journal of obstetrics and gynecology},

The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning methods in first trimester pre-eclampsia screening: a systematic review protocol

A systematic review of available literature is necessary to catalogue the current applications of AI/ML methods in early pregnancy screening for PE, in order to better inform the development of clinically relevant risk prediction algorithms which will enable timely intervention and theDevelopment of new treatment strategies.

Symbolic regression analysis of interactions between first trimester maternal serum adipokines in pregnancies which develop pre-eclampsia

Symbolic regression identified non-linear interactions between Lp, sLR and Re concentrations in first trimester pregnancy serum of pregnancies which later developed PE, which suggest new pathophysiological pathways and may help in designing more efficient screening protocols for PE.