Expert PID control for AC/DC converter


In order to control the DC output voltage overshoot of AC/DC converter and improve its fast response capability, the paper presented a control strategy of expert PID and gave the design method of expert PID voltage regulator. Simulation platform was set up with SaberDesigner software and a lot of experiments were executed. The experimental results show that this control strategy can improve the dynamic and static performance of the system very well. It has the important values to engineering application.

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@article{Xu2004ExpertPC, title={Expert PID control for AC/DC converter}, author={Jinbang Xu and Jin Zhao and Ling Luo and Shuyun Wan}, journal={Fifth World Congress on Intelligent Control and Automation (IEEE Cat. No.04EX788)}, year={2004}, volume={6}, pages={5586-5590 Vol.6} }