Experiments with voice modelling in speech synthesis

  title={Experiments with voice modelling in speech synthesis},
  author={Rolf Carlson and Bj{\"o}rn Granstr{\"o}m and Inger Karlsson},
  journal={Speech Communication},
Some experiments with voice modelling using reccnl dcvelopmcnts of the KTH spccch synthesis systcm will bc presented. The ncw synthesizer, GLOVE, is an extended version of OVE 111. I t contains an improved glottal source built on the LF-model and some extra conlrol parameters for the voiced and noise sources and an extra polc/zcro-pair in the nasal branch. Furthcrrnorc, thc present rcscarch versions of the KTH texl-to-speech system include possibilities for intcractive manipulations at thc… CONTINUE READING

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