Experiments to confront the environmental extremes of climate change

  title={Experiments to confront the environmental extremes of climate change},
  author={Zachary E Kayler and Hans J. De Boeck and Simone Fatichi and Jos{\'e} M. Gr{\"u}nzweig and Lutz Merbold and Claus Beier and Nathan G. McDowell and Jeffrey S Dukes},
© The Ecological Society of America www.frontiersinecology.org C extremes are expected to become more frequent and more intense, so that today’s extremes may fall within normal background fluctuations in the future (Mora et al. 2013; Bahn et al. 2014). At the same time, new climate extremes will increase in magnitude and variability (Knapp et al. 2008). Extreme events can have important ecological consequences, as they can affect physiology and growth (Hueve et al. 2011), plant–insect… CONTINUE READING