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Experiments on beam--plasma discharges in connection with plasma chemistry

  title={Experiments on beam--plasma discharges in connection with plasma chemistry},
  author={V. M. Atamanov and A. I. Zhuzhunashvili and S. Krasheninnikov and G. B. Levadnyi and Y. Nasedkin and V. A. Nikiforov and T. K. Soboleva and N. Timchenko and E. K. Cherkasova},
The properties of low-temperature plasmas are finding extensive use for chemical reactions. Efficient plasma-chemistry reactions require a steady-state plasma with a degree of ionization ..cap alpha..approx.10/sup -2/. The temperature of the neutral gas must be lower than the electron temperature. In the present work, beam--plasma discharges are studied for use in plasma chemistry. The basic principles for designing the apparatus are determined. Experimental results are obtained on the… Expand