Experiments in intergroup discrimination.

  title={Experiments in intergroup discrimination.},
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  • H. Taijfel
  • Published 1970
  • Psychology
  • Scientific American
I ntergroup discrimination is a feature of most modern societies. The phe­ nomenon is depressingly similar re­ gardless of the constitution of the "in­ group" and of the "outgroup" that is per­ ceived as being somehow different. A Slovene friend of mine once described to me the stereotypes-the common traits attributed to a large human group-that are applied in his country, the richest constituent republic of Yugoslavia, to immigrant Bosnians, who come from a poorer region. Some time later I pre… 

Chapter 8: School Desegregation and Intergroup Relations: A Review of the Literature

The history of black-white contact in the United States is long and complex. However, the last 35 years have seen changes in relations between blacks and whites of a magnitude virtually unparalleled

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What makes people affectively polarized? Affective polarization is based on the idea that partisanship can be a social identity leading to polarization in the form of intergroup distancing between

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SynopsisIt has been difficult to make progress in the study of ethnicity and nationalism because of the multiple confusions of analytic and lay terms, and the sheer lack of terminological

Implicit Racial Identity of Russian Schoolchildren at the Commitment Stage

Introduction. The conditions of the transitivity in today’s social space, the interpenetration of different cultures, and the value of racial identity in racially heterogeneous societies such as

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Summary Studies of the “Arab Spring” have tended to focus on the economic and political needs of youth, but have not addressed socio-psychological needs such as an unfulfilled desire for marriage and


While often seen and presented as a panacea for the aging populations of Europe to maintain a functioning welfare state, immigration provokes a very strong public opposition from the host society and

Ethnic parochialism in cooperative behaviour: an experimental study among the Russians and Buryats

. In this study we explore the phenomenon of ethnic parochialism in cooperative behaviour as a preference for own ethnic group members while having a neutral or negative attitude towards members of

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In recent years, according to U. S. Census reports, the number of people who classify themselves as  “mixed race” is rapidly increasing.  As a consequence, scholars have become increasingly

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OVERVIEW The O.J. Simpson " trial of the century " in the mid-1990s captured the attention of the American populace more than any other public spectacle since the kidnaping of the Lindberg baby in

Stereotypes and disparate criminal sentencing of Native Hawaiians

This thesis consists of two studies that attempt to understand the stereotypes and disparate treatment of Native Hawaiians within the criminal justice system, for which existing research is limited.