Experimentally well-constrained masses of $^{27}$P and $^{27}$S: Implications for studies of explosive binary systems.

  title={Experimentally well-constrained masses of \$^\{27\}\$P and \$^\{27\}\$S: Implications for studies of explosive binary systems.},
  author={Li-min Sun and X. X. Xu and Shang Hou and C. J. Lin and Jitto Jose and Jongseok Lee and Johnny J. He and Zhen Hua Li and Jing Wang and C. X. Yuan and Falk Herwig and J. Keegans and Tamas Budner and Dan Xia Wang and H. Y. Wu and P. F. Liang and Y. Y. Yang and Yi Hua Lam and P. Ma and Franklin Duan and Z. H. Gao and Qing-ying Hu and Z. Bai and Jeong Beom Ma and Fu Ping Zhong and C. G. Wu and D. W. Luo and Y. Jiang and Yu-Bin Liu and D. S. Hou and Ruijie Li and N. R. Ma and W. H. Ma and George Shi and G. M. Yu and D. Patel and Shan Jin and Y. F. Wang and Y. C. Yu and Qian Zhou and P. Wang and Li-yuan Hu and Xue Lun Wang and Haoyan Zang and Pei Jing Li and Q. Q. Zhao and Liping Yang and Ping Wei Wen and Feng-qin Yang and H. M. Jia and G. L. Zhang and M. Pan and Xin Yue Wang and Hong Hui Sun and Zhi Gen Hu and Rong Feng Chen and M. L. Liu and W. Q. Yang and Y. M. Zhao and H. Q. Zhang},
  journal={arXiv: Nuclear Experiment},
  • Li-min Sun, X. X. Xu, +58 authors H. Q. Zhang
  • Published 2019
  • Physics
  • arXiv: Nuclear Experiment
  • The mass of $^{27}$P was predicted to impact the X-ray burst (XRB) model predictions of burst light curves and the composition of the burst ashes. To address the uncertainties and inconsistencies in the reported $^{27}$P masses in literature, a wealth of information has been extracted from the $\beta$-decay spectroscopy of the drip-line nucleus $^{27}$S. We determine the most precise mass excess of $^{27}$P to date to be $-659(9)$~keV, which is 63~keV (2.3$\sigma$) higher than the AME2016… CONTINUE READING

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