Experimental verification of the dual unitarization scheme

  title={Experimental verification of the dual unitarization scheme},
  author={Eh. G. Boos and D. I. Ermilova and V. V. Philippova and Vadym Samoilov and T. Temiraliev and Boris V. Batyunya and Irina Boguslavsky and I. M. Gramenitsky and Larissa de Camargo Silva and Sergey Levonian and Lidia A. Tikhonova and Alice Valk{\'a}rov{\'a} and Tetiana Hryn'ova and Zahari Zlatanov and S. Dumbrajs and J. Ervanne and Erkki Hannula and H. Villanen and P. Villanen and Roman Dementiev and V. E. Grechko and Natalia Korotkova and Evgeny Leikin and A. G. Pavlova and V. I. Ruď and Michal Suk and I. O. Skillicorn and Peter Samuel Reimer and Besson Marinette Revenu and Jozef Sedl{\'a}k and Vladislav {\vS}im{\'a}k and A. M. Khudzadze and G. O. Kuratashvili and T. P. Topuria and V. D. Tsintsadze},
Abstract The connection between particle production in antiproton-proton annihilation and non-diffractive proton-proton processes is discussed in the framework of the dual unitarization scheme. We calculate relative multiplicity moments for antiproton-proton annihilation using the moments of non-diffractive proton-proton interactions and find good agreement with experimental annihilation data. 

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