Experimental verification of multidirectional multiscroll chaotic attractors

  title={Experimental verification of multidirectional multiscroll chaotic attractors},
  author={Jinhu Lu and Simin Yu and Henry Leung and Guanrong Chen},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers},
A systematic methodology for circuit design is proposed for experimental verification of multidirectional multiscroll chaotic attractors, including one-directional (1-D) n-scroll, 2-D n/spl times/m-grid scroll, and 3-D n/spl times/m/spl times/l-grid scroll chaotic attractors. Two typical cases are investigated in detail: the hysteresis and saturated multiscroll chaotic attractors. A simple blocking circuit diagram is designed for experimentally verifying 1-D 5/spl sim/11-scroll, 2-D 3/spl times… CONTINUE READING
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