Experimental surgery, varia

  title={Experimental surgery, varia},
  author={M. Schiesd and C. A. Gitzebnann and Martin Meuli and Albrecht Bettermann and Joachim Wit and Anahi Salomon and Ralph Paus and Ali Kashefi Kaviani and Russell Jennings and James Michael Wilson and Dario O. Fauza},
  journal={European Surgery},
C M. Schiesd, C. A. Gitzebnann, M. Meuli (Burn Center, Department of Surgery, University Children's Hospital, Zurich, Switzerland) Background: Integra artificial skin is composed of a biosynthetic matrix (dermis equivalent) and a silicon sheet (epidermis equivalent). Initially, Integra was used for wound covering following debridement of severe burns. 3… CONTINUE READING