[Experimental study on treatment of femoral head necrosis with arterial perfusion of marrow stem cells].


OBJECTIVE To explore the effect of arterial perfusion of marrow multifunctional stem cells (MFSC) in treating femoral head necrosis and its mechanism. METHODS The rabbit model of femoral head necrosis was established by large dose of methyl-prednisone through Shwartzman response. Bone marrow was extracted from femoral bone of model rabbit and isolated in vitro for culturing and proliferating MFSC. The experimental rabbits were randomly divided into 4 groups, treated with normal saline (A), Salvia + urokinase (B), MFSC (C) and MFSC + Salvia + urokinase (D), respectively, they were sacrificed in batches at 2 and 4 weeks after treatment, and changes in various parameters, including molybdenum target roentgenogram, routine pathology with HE staining, tetracycline labeled fluorescent microscopy and ultrastructure alteration by scanning electron microscope (SEM), were observed. RESULTS Typical appearance of femoral head necrosis was shown in the successfully modeled rabbits. Two and 4 weeks after treatment by high selective drug via medial and lateral femoral circumflex arterial perfusion, the X-ray examination showed significant improvement of bone density; pathohistologic manifestation showed decrease of empty bone lacuna, increase of osteoblast and new bone formation; tetracycline fluorescent labeled microscopic picture showed bright fluorescent band of increased osteoblasts in necrosis repairing region with widened border; SEM displayed irregularly arranged fibrosis in necrosis region, abundant organelles in osteoblasts with few empty bone lacuna. The above-mentioned improvement was more significant in rabbits treated by MFSC. CONCLUSION High selective femoral drug arterial perfusion in treating femoral head necrosis could accelerate the process of revascularization and re-ossification in rabbits. As compared with Salvia, MFSC showed quicker and more potent effect.

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