Experimental study on topical treatment of diabetic skin ulcers with Yi Medicine “Yi Bu A Jie (以布阿节)” extract

  title={Experimental study on topical treatment of diabetic skin ulcers with Yi Medicine “Yi Bu A Jie (以布阿节)” extract},
  author={Lili Lu and Ping Wan and Li-zhen Li and Mei-jun Zhao and JIA-YAO Hu and Yong-fang Zhao},
  journal={Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine},
ObjectiveTo study the role and mechanism of the Yi medicine, Yi Bu A Jie (以布阿节) extract, in topical treatment of diabetic skin ulcers, with a view to finding a breakthrough natural drug for the prevention and treatment of diabetic skin ulcers.MethodsA model of diabetic skin ulcers in Kunming mice was developed. Yi Bu A Jie was extracted in a Soxhlet extractor. Two different concentrations of the extract (0.005 mg/mL and 0.01 mg/mL) were applied to the wound of diabetic skin ulcers once every 3… 

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