Experimental study of the spatial distribution of quantum correlations in a confocal optical parametric oscillator

  title={Experimental study of the spatial distribution of quantum correlations in a confocal optical parametric oscillator},
  author={Agn{\`e}s Ma{\^i}tre and Nicolas Treps and Marcelo Martinelli and Sara Ducci and Sylvain Gigan and Claude Fabre},
  journal={2003 European Quantum Electronics Conference. EQEC 2003 (IEEE Cat No.03TH8665)},
  • A. MaîtreN. Treps C. Fabre
  • Published 3 October 2002
  • Physics
  • 2003 European Quantum Electronics Conference. EQEC 2003 (IEEE Cat No.03TH8665)
Summary form only given. We have observed a non uniform spatial distribution of quantum correlations between the twin beams produced by a confocal OPO, which is an unambiguous evidence that the quantum state generated is both multimode and nonclassical. 

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