Experimental study of the sensitizing activity of Neisseria perflava

  title={Experimental study of the sensitizing activity of Neisseria perflava},
  author={Academician A. D. Ado and V. N. Fedoseeva and V. G. Chitaeva and T. A. Avdeeva},
  journal={Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine},
The sensitizing activity ofNeisseria perflava isolated from the bronchial mucosa of patients with infectious asthma was studied in experiments on guinea pigs. It was shown that Ovary's passive cutaneous anaphylaxis test and the tracheal chain contraction test can be reproduced withNeisseria antigens. High sensitizing activity ofN. perflava was found compared with two other microorganisms:Klebsiella pneumoniae andStaphylococcus aureus, inhabiting the bronchi of patients with infectious asthma.