[Experimental study of canine tracheal allotransplantation].


OBJECTIVE To detect the factors relevant to stenosis of tracheal graft and to find feasible methods to solve this problem. METHODS Sixteen mongrel dogs were divided into groups A and B randomly and equally. Five-ring-length tracheal segments were allotransplanted. All grafts and anastomotic sites were covered with omental pedicles. In group A, no… (More)


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@article{Zhang2003ExperimentalSO, title={[Experimental study of canine tracheal allotransplantation].}, author={Tao Zhang and Xiaofei Li and Dao-xi Wang and Qing-shu Cheng and K. H. Liu}, journal={Zhonghua wai ke za zhi [Chinese journal of surgery]}, year={2003}, volume={41 3}, pages={222-4} }