Experimental studies of the internal factors of regeneration in the earthworm


My study of the regeneration of the earthworm, Allolobophora foetida, bdgan in the spring of 1892. The results of this work, extending" through the winter of 1893--94 were published in the Quarterly Journal of Microscopical Science, XXXVII. 1895. During the winters of 1895--96 and '96--'97 I carried out some further experiments which were descl:ibed in Roux's Archiv. V. 1897. Since then I have carried on, during each collegiate year, additional experiments extending over the four yea r s between 1898--1902. Two of the principal results, that I have obtained, have been briefly described, the one in the Anatomischer Anzeiger. XV. 1899, and the other in my book oll >>Regenerations< 1901. page 53. The following pages give a complete account of the experiments of the last four years.

DOI: 10.1007/BF02188504

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