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Experimental studies in vitro and in vivo on the mutagenicity of flavoxate.

  title={Experimental studies in vitro and in vivo on the mutagenicity of flavoxate.},
  author={Maria Veronese and Dagania Barzaghi},
  volume={37 5},
Flavoxate HCl is a drug with a remarkable smooth muscle relaxant activity, selective for the genito-urinary tract. In order to verify its safety the following mutagenic tests have been effected: gene reversion in S. typhimurium, gene conversion and crossing-over on S. cerevisiae 6117, micronucleus test and DNA-repair on B. subtilis. In our experimental conditions, flavoxate HCl was found to be devoid of potential mutagenic activity. 
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Recent evidence indicates that flavoxate hydrochloride exhibits only weak anticholinergic activity on receptors involved in the control of the lower urinary tract.