Experimental simulation of a stellar photon bath by bremsstrahlung: the astrophysical $\gamma$-process

  title={Experimental simulation of a stellar photon bath by bremsstrahlung: the astrophysical \$\gamma\$-process},
  author={P.Mohr and K.Vogt and M.Babilon and J.Enders and T.Hartmann and C.Hutter and T.Rauscher and S.Volz and A.Zilges},
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Photoneutron Cross Sections for Au Revisited: Measurements with Laser Compton Scattering γ-Rays and Data Reduction by a Least-Squares Method
Photoneutron cross section measurements were made for Au in the entire energy range of the (γ,n) channel based on a direct neutron counting with quasi-monochromatic γ-rays produced in inverse Compton
Research on photonuclear isomer reaction at JAERI
Photo-nuclear reaction studies are introduced using photon sources developed at JAERI such as ultra high peak power laser expecting activation by intense high energy photons with wide energy
Constraining the astrophysical origin of the p-nuclei through nuclear physics and meteoritic data.
The main part of the review focuses on the nuclear uncertainties involved in the determination of the astrophysical reaction rates required for the extended reaction networks used in nucleosynthesis studies.
Photodisintegration studies ofastrophysically relevant p-nuclei
The majority of the light elements up to iron (Fe) are formed by successive rounds of thermonuclear fusion burning in the stellar interiors. The nuclei heavier than iron (Z>26) are being synthesized
Application of passive methods for electron flux measurements regarding to 238U electron-disintegration studies
The electron flux is measured using 238U targets detecting the (e, n) and (e, f) reactions for which the data are currently available only for low energies. The photon and photoneutrons contamination
Can Thermodynamic Behavior of Alice’s Particle Affect Bob’s Particle?
It is proved that the existence of quantum correlations affects the thermodynamic behavior of distant particles in an entangled state and the heat transfer for each entangled particle is not independent of the thermalization process that occurs for the other one.
High-precision measurements of half‐lives for 69Ge, 73Se, 83Sr, 85mSr, and 63Zn radionuclides relevant to the astrophysical p-process via photoactivation at the Madison Accelerator Laboratory
The ground state half-lives of 69Ge, 73Se, 83Sr, 63Zn, and the half-life of the 1/2− isomer in 85Sr have been measured with high precision using the photoactivation technique at an unconventional
Entwicklung, Aufbau und Test eines neuen Kryostatmoduls für den S-DALINAC
Im Rahmen der vorliegenden Arbeit wurden sowohl ein neues Beschleuniger-Kryostatmodul fur den supraleitenden Injektor des S-DALINAC als auch drei supraleitende Kavitaten entworfen und hergestellt.