[Experimental research of integral continuous jejunal interposition after subtotal distal gastrectomy].


OBJECTIVE To evaluate nutritional status, myoelectrical activity, and gastrointestinal tract emptying capacity after integral continuous jejunal interposition following subtotal gastrectomy. METHODS According to different re-construction techniques, 30 Beagle dogs were divided into four groups after subtotal distal gastrectomy: group 1(n=9, integral continuous jejunal interposition), group 2(n=6, Billroth I(), group 3(n=7, Billroth II(), group 4(n=8, isolated jejunal interposition). Blood cell counts, liver function, myoelectrical activity and the rate of gastrointestinal tract emptying were compared among the four groups. RESULTS At week 12 after operation, the body weight in group 1 [(9.65±1.54) kg] was significantly higher than that in group 2[(9.25±1.76)kg], group 3[(9.31±1.54)kg] and group 4[(7.77±1.46)kg]. At week 4, the prognostic nutritional index in group 1(2671.9±49.9) was significantly higher than that in group 3(2555.9±54.7) and group 4(2440.9±54.3), but similar to that in group 2(2791.8±54.3). At week 6, the fasting and postprandial frequency of jejunal pacesetter potentials in group 1 were higher than those in group 3 and group 4(P<0.05) but comparable with those in group 2. The emptying rate of food in the four groups were 95.4%, 91.3%, 93.1% and 94.2%, respectively and there were no significant differences(P>0.05). However, as compared with group 2 and group 3, group 1 had longer operative time and later regular diet resumption, more severe abdominal adhesion(P<0.05). CONCLUSION Continuous jejunal interposition should be considered when Billroth I( is not feasible after subtotal gastrectomy.

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