Experimental realization of a long-lived striped Bose-Einstein condensate induced by momentum-space hopping

  title={Experimental realization of a long-lived striped Bose-Einstein condensate induced by momentum-space hopping},
  author={Thomas M. Bersano and Junpeng Hou and Sean M. Mossman and Vandna Gokhroo and Xi-Wang Luo and Kuei Sun and Chuanwei Zhang and P. Engels},
  journal={Physical Review A},
The search for supersolidlike phases has attracted great attention in the fields of condensed matter and ultracold atom physics. Here, we experimentally demonstrate a route for realizing a superfluid stripe phase in a spin-orbit coupled Bose-Einstein condensate by employing a weak optical lattice to induce momentum-space hopping between two spin-orbit band minima. We characterize the striped ground state as a function of lattice coupling strength and spin-orbit detuning and find good agreement… 

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