Experimental prevention of bitterweed (Hymenoxys odorata) poisoning of sheep.

  title={Experimental prevention of bitterweed (Hymenoxys odorata) poisoning of sheep.},
  author={Mason C Calhoun and Brian C Baldwin and Stephen Kuhlmann and Hyeong L. Kim},
  journal={American journal of veterinary research},
  volume={50 9},
To examine the effects on bitterweed toxicity of dietary factors known to increase thiol concentrations in the body, 36 lambs were fed one of the following diets (12 lambs/diet) for a minimum of 9 days prior to bitterweed administration: diet 1, 10% crude protein; diet 2, 20% crude protein, 0.5% methionine, 0.5% sodium sulfate, and 1,102 IU of vitamin E/kg; and diet 3, diet 2 with 0.5% ethoxyquin hydrochloride added. Four lambs fed each diet were euthanatized prior to bitterweed administration… CONTINUE READING