Experimental pestivirus infections in pregnant goats.

  title={Experimental pestivirus infections in pregnant goats.},
  author={Torleiv L\oken and Inge Bjerk{\aa}s},
  journal={Journal of comparative pathology},
  volume={105 2},
Fifty pregnant goats, inoculated intramuscularly at different gestational stages with a non-cytopathic ovine pestivirus or a cytopathic bovine pestivirus, all developed pestivirus-neutralizing antibodies within 5 weeks of inoculation. The incidence of reproductive failure was similar for the two agents. Parturition at term with only healthy kids occurred in 13 (26 per cent) of the goats. Viable kids were not born to any of the 17 goats inoculated at about day 40 of gestation. Three of the 17… CONTINUE READING


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