Experimental observation of anomalous supralinear response of single-photon detectors

  title={Experimental observation of anomalous supralinear response of single-photon detectors},
  author={Josef Hlou{\vs}ek and Ivo Straka and Miroslav Je{\vz}ek},
  journal={Quantum 2.0 Conference and Exhibition},
We demonstrate a direct single-source method for absolute measurement of nonlinearity of SPADs and SNSPDs with unprecedented accuracy. We discover supralinear behavior of SPADs and show that it cannot be explained using known theoretical models. 

Experimental realization of sub-shot-noise quantum imaging

Sub-shot-noise imaging using spatial quantum correlations between parametric down-conversion light beams is demonstrated. The scheme exhibits a larger signal-to-noise ratio than is possible through

Single-photon generation and detection

The detection and generation of single photons has seen an upsurge in interest in recent years as new scientific fields of research, for example quantum information processing, have been established.

Silicon detector nonlinearity and related effects.

An explanation is put forth for the observed nonlinearity in the red spectral region of the response of silicon photodiodes, and correlation of non linearity with spatial nonuniformity of response is demonstrated.

Quantum characterization of superconducting photon counters

We address the quantum characterization of photon counters based on transition-edge sensors (TESs) and present the first experimental tomography of the positive operator-valued measure (POVM) of a

Fast determination of the nonlinearity of photodetectors.

A variation of superposition and calibrated attenuator methods is described and applied to the calibration of optical pyrometers that allows a considerable reduction in the time needed for the measurement because only three independent sets of measurements are required.

RTS Noise Characterization in Single-Photon Avalanche Diodes

Random telegraph signal (RTS) behavior is reported and characterized in the dark count rate of single-photon avalanche Diodes (SPADs). The RTS is observed in a SPAD fabricated in 0.8-μm CMOS

Simple autocorrelation method for thoroughly characterizing single-photon detectors.

A simple and highly sensitive method based on analyzing multi-order correlations among time-tagged detection events from a device under calibrated continuous-wave illumination reveals a heretofore unreported afterpulse effect due to detection events that occur during the device reset.

Nonlinearity in single photon detection: modeling and quantum tomography.

This work develops a device independent model for Single Photon Detectors that incorporates this nonlinearity and investigates the manner in which these detectors respond nonlinearly to light, a valuable feature for some applications.

Measurement and modeling of the nonlinearity of photovoltaic and Geiger-mode photodiodes.

This work presents a modern implementation of the well-known superposition method and applies it to two different types of photodetectors.