Experimental logics and Δinf2sup0- theories

  title={Experimental logics and Δinf2sup0- theories},
  author={R. Jeroslow},
  journal={Journal of Philosophical Logic},
  • R. Jeroslow
  • Published 1975
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Journal of Philosophical Logic
  • In this paper, we explore the concept of a logic which proceeds by trial-anderror, and deduce consequences which follow from relatively weak assumptions about these experimental logics. One of the consequences (Theorem 2) is analogous to, and in a rigorous sense it extends, Godel’s First Incompleteness Theorem. A second result (Theorem 5) stands in contrast to the corresponding result for ordinary formal systems, since it is not in general possible to mechanically find true but unprovable… CONTINUE READING

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