Experimental infection of Philippine Taenia in domestic animals.

  title={Experimental infection of Philippine Taenia in domestic animals.},
  author={P. C. Fan and C. Y. Lin and Woo Chang Chung},
  journal={International journal for parasitology},
  volume={22 2},
In the present study, six 34-44-day-old Small-Ear-Miniature pigs and one 14-day-old Holstein calf were each fed 10,000 Philippine Taenia eggs and sacrificed 27-43 days after inoculation. The infection rate was 100% for both pigs and calf with cysticerci recovery rates of 11 and 6%, respectively. A total of 6431 cysticerci were recovered only from the livers of the six pigs and 597 only from the liver of the calf; more occurred in the parenchyma (pigs 75%, calf 83%) than on the surface (pigs 25… CONTINUE READING

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