Experimental immunization against Lyme borreliosis with recombinant Osp proteins: An overview

  title={Experimental immunization against Lyme borreliosis with recombinant Osp proteins: An overview},
  author={D. Sc.D.Dr.AriadnaSadzieneM. and D. Dr.A.G.BarbourM.},
Interest in human and veterinary vaccines against Lyme borreliosis is growing. Both whole cell immunization and subunit vaccines can protect against infection withBorrelia burgdorferi. For development of a human vaccine the focus has been on a subunit vaccine. The most promising candidate is OspA, a major outer membrane lipoprotein ofB. burgdorferi sensu lato. Of Osp proteins A through D, OspA shows the least variability between strains in its sequence and in the level of its expression… CONTINUE READING


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