Experimental identification of homodimerizing B-ZIP families in Homo sapiens.

  title={Experimental identification of homodimerizing B-ZIP families in Homo sapiens.},
  author={Asha Acharya and Vikas Rishi and Jonathan R Moll and Charles Vinson},
  journal={Journal of structural biology},
  volume={155 2},
B-ZIP transcription factors dimerization is mediated by a parallel coiled-coil termed the leucine zipper. We have evaluated the dimerization specificity of the seven coiled-coil B-ZIP proteins (ATF6, XBP, LZIP, NFIL3, TEF, CREB, and C/EBPalpha) with themselves and each other. To do this, we designed dominant negative proteins, termed A-ZIPs, that contain the leucine zipper dimerization domain of a B-ZIP protein and an acidic amphipathic N-terminal extension. The A-ZIPs heterodimerize with B-ZIP… CONTINUE READING
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