Experimental hyperacute rejection in pancreas allotransplants.


A model of sensitization by intraperitoneal lymph node inoculation was developed to test the hypothesis that hyperacute rejection (HAR) could occur in sensitized recipients of vascularized pancreas allografts. Ten pairs of outbred mongrel dogs that were lymphocytotoxic cross-match assay negative were inoculated with homogenized lymph nodes on either three… (More)


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@article{Hawthorne1996ExperimentalHR, title={Experimental hyperacute rejection in pancreas allotransplants.}, author={Wayne John Hawthorne and Anthony Donald Griffin and Helene Lau and M Hibbins and James M Grierson and H. B. N. Ekberg and Jeremy Robert Chapman and Richard M Allen}, journal={Transplantation}, year={1996}, volume={62 3}, pages={324-9} }