Experimental human endotoxemia enhances brain activity during social cognition.

  title={Experimental human endotoxemia enhances brain activity during social cognition.},
  author={Jennifer S. Kullmann and Jan-Sebastian Grigoleit and Oliver T. Wolf and Harald Engler and Reiner Oberbeck and Sigrid Elsenbruch and Michael Forsting and Manfred Schedlowski and Elke Ruth Gizewski},
  journal={Social cognitive and affective neuroscience},
  volume={9 6},
Acute peripheral inflammation with corresponding increases in peripheral cytokines affects neuropsychological functions and induces depression-like symptoms. However, possible effects of increased immune responses on social cognition remain unknown. Therefore, this study investigated the effects of experimentally induced acute inflammation on performance and neural responses during a social cognition task assessing Theory of Mind (ToM) ability. In this double-blind randomized crossover… CONTINUE READING