Experimental glaucoma in the primate induced by latex microspheres.


The injection of sterile latex microspheres into the anterior chamber of the eye is presented as a simple and cost effective method for inducing chronic elevation of intraocular pressure (IOP) and experimental glaucoma in primates. The microspheres produce elevated IOP primarily by restricting the outflow of aqueous humor through the trabecular meshwork located in the chamber angle. Different levels and durations of elevated IOP can be obtained by altering the frequency and number of microspheres injected. In comparison with other primate models of experimental glaucoma, the approach described here has the advantages of producing chronic elevations of IOP without the need for expensive ophthalmic equipment and personnel, surgical intervention or intraocular inflammation, and without compromising visibility of the optic disc, which is necessary for clinical assessment of the onset and progression of the disease.

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@article{Weber2001ExperimentalGI, title={Experimental glaucoma in the primate induced by latex microspheres.}, author={Arthur Weber and D Zelenak}, journal={Journal of neuroscience methods}, year={2001}, volume={111 1}, pages={39-48} }