Experimental finding on the electromagnetic information transfer of specific molecular signals mediated through the aqueous system on two human cellular models.

  title={Experimental finding on the electromagnetic information transfer of specific molecular signals mediated through the aqueous system on two human cellular models.},
  author={Alberto Foletti and Mario Ledda and E. D'emilia and Settimio Grimaldi and Antonella Lisi},
  journal={Journal of alternative and complementary medicine},
  volume={18 3},
BACKGROUND Recently the authors reported the experimental evidence of the developing concept of Electro Magnetic Information Transfer (EMIT) of specific molecular signals directly and continuously on target cell picking up the molecular signals from the source chemical effector. This was in agreement with the pioneering work of Jaques Benveniste suggesting that the electronic transmission of the 4-phorbol-12-myristate-13-acetate (PMA) signals could be transferred to target neutrophils by an… 

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The present work is based on the hypotheses that an aqueous system like those enfolded in livings, could play an additional synergic role in modulating biological functions, providing basis for storing and retrieving biologic activities.
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The work that is presented in memory of Emilio is based on the hypotheses that an aqueous system a chemical differentiation agent such as retinoic acid (RA) were electronically captured and transferred to the culture medium of Neuroblastoma Cell Line (LAN-5) and the proliferation rate was assessed to assess cell responses to the electromagnetic information transfer through the aQueous system.
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Results indicate that partially introducing essential ingredients for DNA amplification to the aqueous solution enhanced the transduction rate greatly, and transduction vessels made of hydrophilic quartz yielded more favorable results than vessels madeof hydrophobic plastic.
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It is demonstrated that Exposure of human epithelial cell to ion cyclotron energy resonance generated by a commercial electromedical device tuned to calcium ion at 7 Hz act as a differentiation factor, thus opening up the possibility to use particular extremely low frequency electro magnetic field protocols, in informative medicine.
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This study confirms the previous observation and supports the hypothesis that a 7 Hz calcium ICR electromagnetic field may modify cell biochemistry and interfere in the differentiation and cellular adhesion of normal keratinocytes, suggesting the possibility to use I CR electromagnetic therapy for the treatment of undifferentiated diseases.
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It is suggested that retinoic acid molecules emit signals that can be transferred to LAN-5 neuroblastoma cells by artificial physical means in a manner that seems related to the chemical structure of the source molecules.
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  • A. Liboff
  • Biology
    Journal of alternative and complementary medicine
  • 2004
It is shown that an all-inclusive electromagnetic field representation for living systems is fully consistent with work by Lund, Burr, Becker, and others, and that this electrogenomic field may provide the basis for a new paradigm in biology and medicine that is radically different from the present emphasis on molecular biology and biochemistry.
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It is suggested that PMA molecules emit signals that can be transferred to neutrophils by artificial physical means in a manner that seems specific to the source molecules.
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The results of the known investigation of the influence of combined static and alternating (amplitude of 40 nT) parallel magnetic fields on the current through the aqueous solution of glutamic acid, were successfully replicated.
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The genomic DNA of most pathogenic bacteria contains sequences which are able to generate electromagnetic waves at high aqueous dilutions, which opens the way to the development of highly sensitive detection system for chronic bacterial infections in human and animal diseases.
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