Experimental evidence of planar channeling in a periodically bent crystal

  title={Experimental evidence of planar channeling in a periodically bent crystal},
  author={Enrico Bagli and L. Bandiera and Valerio Bellucci and Alessandro Berra and Riccardo Camattari and Davide De Salvador and G. Germogli and Vincenzo Guidi and Luca Lanzoni and D. Lietti and Andrea Mazzolari and M. Prest and V. Tikhomirov and E. Vallazza},
  journal={The European Physical Journal C},
The usage of a crystalline undulator (CU) has been identified as a promising solution for generating powerful and monochromatic $$\gamma $$γ-rays. A CU was fabricated at Sensors and Semiconductors Lab (SSL) through the grooving method, i.e., by the manufacturing of a series of periodical grooves on the major surfaces of a crystal. The CU was extensively characterized both morphologically via optical interferometry at SSL and structurally via X-ray diffraction at ESRF. Then, it was finally… 

Silicon crystalline undulator prototypes: Manufacturing and x-ray characterization

Short-period crystalline undulators have the potential to enable intense and monochromatic sources of hard X and $\ensuremath{\gamma}$ radiation. Three crystalline undulators were manufactured and

Steering of Sub-GeV electrons by ultrashort Si and Ge bent crystals

We report the observation of the steering of 855 MeV electrons by bent silicon and germanium crystals at the MAinzer MIkrotron. Crystals with 15 $$\upmu $$μm of length, bent along (111) planes, were

Channeling of electrons and positrons in straight and periodically bent diamond(110) crystals

Abstract In this paper we present the results of a systematic numerical analysis of the channeling properties for electrons and positrons in oriented straight and periodically bent diamond(110)

Investigation on radiation generated by sub-GeV electrons in ultrashort silicon and germanium bent crystals

We report on the measurements of the spectra of gamma radiation generated by 855 MeV electrons in bent silicon and germanium crystals at MAMI (MAinzer MIkrotron). The crystals were 15 $$\upmu \text

Investigation on radiation generated by Sub-GeV electrons in ultrashort Si and Ge bent crystals.

We report on the measurements of the spectra of gamma radiation generated by 855 MeV electrons in bent silicon and germanium crystals at MAMI (MAinzer MIkrotron). The crystals were 15 {\mu}m thick

Radiation collimation in a thick crystalline undulator

Abstract With the recent experimental confirmation of the existence of energetic radiation from a Small Amplitude, Small Period (SASP) crystalline undulator [T.N. Wistisen, K.K. Andersen, S. Yilmaz,

A ug 2 01 7 Strained Layer Crystalline Undulator

Ultrarelativistic charged particles are predicted to emit hard electromagnetic radiation of undulator type while being channeled in a crystal with periodically bent crystallographic planes. The

Homogeneous self‐standing curved monocrystals, obtained using sandblasting, to be used as manipulators of hard X‐rays and charged particle beams

A technique to obtain self-standing curved crystals has been developed. The method is based on a sandblasting process capable of producing an amorphized layer on the substrate. It is demonstrated

Strained Layer Crystalline Undulator



Crystal undulator as a novel compact source of radiation

A crystalline undulator (CU) with periodically deformed crystallographic planes is capable of deflecting charged particles with the same strength as an equivalent magnetic field of 1000 T and could

Experimental study for the feasibility of a crystalline undulator.

The x-ray tests of the crystal deformation due to a given periodic pattern of surface scratches have shown that a sinusoidal-like shape is observed on both the scratched surface and the opposite (unscratched) face of the Crystal, opening up the possibility for experiments with high-energy particles channeled in a crystalline undulator, a novel compact source of radiation.


The electromagnetic radiation generated by ultra-relativistic positrons channeling in a crystalline undulator is discussed. The crystalline undulator is a crystal whose planes are bent periodically

Experimental analysis and modeling of self-standing curved crystals for focusing of X-rays

Novel applications can be attained through the usage of bent crystals as optical components for the challenge of focusing hard X and γ rays by Bragg diffraction. Nuclear astrophysics, nuclear

Channeling and Radiation of Electrons in Silicon Single Crystals and Si1−xGex Crystalline Undulators

The phenomenon of channeling and the basic features of channeling radiation emission are introduced in a pedestrian way. Both, radiation spectra as well as dechanneling length measurements at


A series of Silicon crystal undulator samples were produced based on the approach presented in PRL 90 (2003) 034801, with the periods of undulation from 0.1 mm to 1 mm, and the number of periods on

Coherent effects of high-energy particles in a graded Si(1-x)Ge(x) crystal.

The usage of the graded crystal is proposed as a primary scatterer to aid halo collimation for the new generation of hadronic machines after finding that the effect of crystal imperfections spoiled the efficiency of channeling while it negligibly affected the performance of volume reflection.

Crystalline undulator with a small amplitude and a short period.

The crystalline undulator with a small amplitude and a short period is far superior to what was proposed previously and requires much lower beam energy for production of photons of the same frequency.