Experimental evidence for excess entropy discontinuities in glass-forming solutions.

  title={Experimental evidence for excess entropy discontinuities in glass-forming solutions.},
  author={Daniel M Lienhard and Bernhard Zobrist and Andreas Zuend and Ulrich K Krieger and Thomas Peter},
  journal={The Journal of chemical physics},
  volume={136 7},
Glass transition temperatures T(g) are investigated in aqueous binary and multi-component solutions consisting of citric acid, calcium nitrate (Ca(NO(3))(2)), malonic acid, raffinose, and ammonium bisulfate (NH(4)HSO(4)) using a differential scanning calorimeter. Based on measured glass transition temperatures of binary aqueous mixtures and fitted binary coefficients, the T(g) of multi-component systems can be predicted using mixing rules. However, the experimentally observed T(g) in multi… CONTINUE READING
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