Experimental demonstration of one-shot coherence distillation: realizing N-dimensional strictly incoherent operations

  title={Experimental demonstration of one-shot coherence distillation: realizing N-dimensional strictly incoherent operations},
  author={Shao-Jie Xiong and Zhe Sun and Qi-Ping Su and Zhengjun Xi and Li Yu and Jinshuang Jin and Jin‐Ming Liu and Franco Nori and Chuiping Yang},
We experimentally investigate problems of one-shot coherence distillation [Regula, Fang, Wang, and Adesso, Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 010401 (2018)]. Based on a set of optical devices, we design a type of strictly incoherent operation (SIO), which is applicable in high-dimensional cases and can be applied to accomplish the transformations from higher-dimensional states to lower-dimensional states. Furthermore, a relatively complete process of the one-shot coherence distillation is experimentally… 

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