Experimental demonstration of near-infrared negative-index metamaterials.

  title={Experimental demonstration of near-infrared negative-index metamaterials.},
  author={Shuang Zhang and Wenjun Fan and Nicolae Coriolan Panoiu and K. J. Malloy and Richard Osgood and Steven R. J. Brueck},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={95 13},
Metal-based negative refractive-index materials have been extensively studied in the microwave region. However, negative-index metamaterials have not been realized at near-IR or visible frequencies due to difficulties of fabrication and to the generally poor optical properties of metals at these wavelengths. In this Letter, we report the first fabrication and experimental verification of a transversely structured metal-dielectric-metal multilayer exhibiting a negative refractive index around 2… CONTINUE READING
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