Experimental demonstration of high mobility Ge NMOS

  title={Experimental demonstration of high mobility Ge NMOS},
  author={Duygu Kuzum and Tejas Krishnamohan and Aneesh Nainani and Yun Xu Sun and Piero A. Pianetta and H. S-. P. Wong and Krishna C. Saraswat},
  journal={2009 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM)},
The highest electron mobility in Ge NMOS to-date, ∼1.5 times the universal Si mobility, is demonstrated experimentally. Gate stack engineered with ozone-oxidation is integrated with low temperature S/D activation to fabricate Ge NMOS. Mechanisms responsible for poor Ge NMOS performance in the past are investigated with detailed gate dielectric stack characterizations and Hall mobility analyses for the first time. High S/D parasitic resistance, inversion charge loss due to trapping, and high… CONTINUE READING
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