Experimental constraints on a dark matter origin for the DAMA annual modulation effect.

  title={Experimental constraints on a dark matter origin for the DAMA annual modulation effect.},
  author={C. E. Aalseth and P S Barbeau and David G. Cerdeno and Jim Colaresi and J I Collar and P. M. De Lurgio and Gary Drake and J. E. Fast and Charles H Greenberg and T W Hossbach and Jeremy Kephart and M. G. Marino and H. S. Miley and J L Orrell and David E. Reyna and R. G. Hamish Robertson and Richard L. Talaga and O K Tench and T. D. Van Wechel and J. F. Wilkerson and K. Michael Yocum},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={101 25},
A claim for evidence of dark matter interactions in the DAMA experiment has been recently reinforced. We employ a new type of germanium detector to conclusively rule out a standard isothermal galactic halo of weakly interacting massive particles as the explanation for the annual modulation effect leading to the claim. Bounds are similarly imposed on a suggestion that dark pseudoscalars might lead to the effect. We describe the sensitivity to light dark matter particles achievable with our… CONTINUE READING

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