Experimental comparison of 241Am-Be neutron fluence energy distributions.

  title={Experimental comparison of 241Am-Be neutron fluence energy distributions.},
  author={Laurent Lebreton and Andreas Zimbal and David C. Thomas},
  journal={Radiation protection dosimetry},
  volume={126 1-4},
(241)Am-Be(alpha,n) neutron sources provide one of the most commonly used neutron fields for routine calibration of neutron sensitive devices. The neutron energy distribution of the IRSN standard (241)Am-Be source was measured in the energy region above 1.65 MeV using a BC501A proton-recoil liquid scintillator. The experimental data were compared to the ISO-recommended neutron energy distribution for an (241)Am-Be source. Some differences in shape were observed, with large variations mainly… CONTINUE READING