Experimental coevolution leads to a decrease in parasite-induced host mortality.

  title={Experimental coevolution leads to a decrease in parasite-induced host mortality.},
  author={Camillo B{\'e}r{\'e}nos and Paul Schmid-Hempel and K Mathias Wegner},
  journal={Journal of evolutionary biology},
  volume={24 8},
Host-parasite coevolution can lead to a variety of outcomes, but whereas experimental studies on clonal populations have taken prominence over the last years, experimental studies on obligately out-crossing organisms are virtually absent so far. Therefore, we set up a coevolution experiment using four genetically distinct lines of Tribolium castaneum and its natural obligately killing microsporidian parasite, Nosema whitei. After 13 generations of experimental coevolution, we employed a time… CONTINUE READING

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