Experimental band structure spectroscopy along a synthetic dimension

  title={Experimental band structure spectroscopy along a synthetic dimension},
  author={Avik Dutt and Momchil Minkov and Qian Lin and Luqi Yuan and David A. B. Miller and Shanhui Fan},
  journal={Nature Communications},
There has been significant recent interest in synthetic dimensions, where internal degrees of freedom of a particle are coupled to form higher-dimensional lattices in lower-dimensional physical structures. For these systems, the concept of band structure along the synthetic dimension plays a central role in their theoretical description. Here we provide a direct experimental measurement of the band structure along the synthetic dimension. By dynamically modulating a resonator at frequencies… 

Dynamic band structure measurement in the synthetic space

This work experimentally measure the trajectories of the dynamic band structure by selectively exciting the band with a continuous wave source with its frequency scanning across the entire energy regime of the band to provide a new perspective for exploring the dynamics in fundamental physics of solid-state and photonic systems with the concept of the synthetic dimension.

Observation of flat-band and band transition in the synthetic space

Abstract. Constructions of synthetic lattices in modulated ring resonators attract growing attention to interesting physics beyond the geometric dimensionality, where complicated connectivities

Multidimensional synthetic chiral-tube lattices via nonlinear frequency conversion

All-optical synthetic dimensions involving specially tailored simultaneous short- and long-range interactions between discrete spectral lines mediated by frequency conversion in a nonlinear waveguide are proposed and experimentally realized.

Creating boundaries along a synthetic frequency dimension

Synthetic dimensions have garnered widespread interest for implementing high dimensional classical and quantum dynamics on low-dimensional geometries. Synthetic frequency dimensions, in particular,

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Synthetic dimensions, which simulate spatial coordinates using nonspatial degrees of freedom, are drawing interest in topological science and other fields for modeling higher-dimensional phenomena on

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Topological insulators (TIs) implemented in synthetic dimensions have recently emerged as an attractive platform to explore higher-dimensional topological phases in compact systems. Here, we present

Nonlinear states and dynamics in a synthetic frequency dimension

Recent advances in the study of synthetic dimensions revealed a possibility to employ the frequency space as an additional degree of freedom which allows for investigating and exploiting

Propagation of microwave photons along a synthetic dimension

The evenly-spaced modes of an electromagnetic resonator are coupled to each other by appropriate time-modulation, leading to dynamics analogous to those of particles hopping between different sites

Topological band structure via twisted photons in a degenerate cavity

Synthetic dimensions based on particles’ internal degrees of freedom, such as frequency, spatial modes and arrival time, have attracted significant attention. They offer ideal large-scale lattices to

Technologically feasible quasi-edge states and topological Bloch oscillation in the synthetic space.

The dimensionality of a physical system is one of the major parameters defining its physical properties. The recently introduced concept of synthetic dimension has made it possible to arbitrarily



Photonic gauge potential in a system with a synthetic frequency dimension.

This work considers a one-dimensional array of ring resonators and shows that the modulation phase provides a gauge potential in the synthetic two-dimensional space with the dimensions being the frequency and the spatial axes.

A three-dimensional photonic topological insulator using a two-dimensional ring resonator lattice with a synthetic frequency dimension

This work indicates that the physics of three-dimensional topological insulators can be explored in standard integrated photonic platforms, leading to opportunities for novel devices that control the frequency of light.

Photonic Weyl point in a two-dimensional resonator lattice with a synthetic frequency dimension

It is shown that Weyl point physics emerges in a system of two-dimensional arrays of resonators undergoing dynamic modulation of refractive index, and the phase of modulation can be controlled to explore Weyl points under different symmetries.

Synthetic space with arbitrary dimensions in a few rings undergoing dynamic modulation

We show that a single ring resonator undergoing dynamic modulation can be used to create a synthetic space with an arbitrary dimension. In such a system the phases of the modulation can be used to

Artificial Magnetic Field Quenches in Synthetic Dimensions

Recent cold atom experiments have realized models where each hyperfine state at an optical lattice site can be regarded as a separate site in a synthetic dimension. In such synthetic ribbon

Photonic topological insulator in synthetic dimensions

A spatially oscillating two-dimensional waveguide array is used to realize a photonic topological insulator in synthetic dimensions with modal-space edge states, unidirectionality and robust topological protection.

Photonic Gauge Potential in One Cavity with Synthetic Frequency and Orbital Angular Momentum Dimensions.

This Letter shows that a higher-dimensional synthetic space involving multiple degrees of freedom of light can be achieved in a "zero-dimensional" spatial structure, pointing towards a unique platform to explore topological photonics and to realize potential applications in optical communications and quantum information processing.

Synthetic dimensions in integrated photonics: From optical isolation to four-dimensional quantum Hall physics

Recent technological advances in integrated photonics have spurred on the study of topological phenomena in engineered bosonic systems. Indeed, the controllability of silicon ring-resonator arrays

Devil's staircases in synthetic dimensions and gauge fields

We study interacting bosonic or fermionic atoms in a high synthetic magnetic field in two dimensions spanned by continuous real space and a synthetic dimension. Here, the synthetic dimension is

Topological quantum matter in synthetic dimensions

In the field of quantum simulation of condensed matter phenomena by artificially engineering the Hamiltonian of an atomic, molecular or optical system, the concept of synthetic dimensions has