Experimental and Numerical Verification of Similarity Concept for Dispersion of Car Exhaust Gases in Urban Street Canyons

  title={Experimental and Numerical Verification of Similarity Concept for Dispersion of Car Exhaust Gases in Urban Street Canyons},
  author={PETRA KASTNER-KLEIN and Evgeni Fedorovich and JEAN-FRANÇOIS SINI and P. G. Mestayer},
In urban conditions, car exhaust gases are often emitted inside poorly ventilated street canyons. One may suppose however that moving cars can themselves produce a certain ventilation effect in addition to natural air motions. Such ventilation mechanism is not sufficiently studied so far. A similarity criterion relating the vehicleand wind-induced components of turbulent motion in an urban street canyon was proposed in 1982 by E. J. Plate for wind tunnel modelling purposes. The present study… CONTINUE READING
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