Experimental analysis of the acoustic field of an ultrasonic pulse induced by a fluidic switch.

  title={Experimental analysis of the acoustic field of an ultrasonic pulse induced by a fluidic switch.},
  author={Benjamin B{\"u}hling and Christoph Strangfeld and Stefan Maack and Thorge Schweitzer},
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Ultrasonic inspection is a common tool for non-destructive testing in civil engineering (NDT-CE). Currently, transducers are coupled directly to the specimen surface, which makes the inspection time-consuming. Air-coupled ultrasound (ACU) transducers are more time-efficient but need a high pressure amplitude as the impedance mismatch between the air and the concrete is high and large penetration depth is needed for the inspection. Current approaches aim at eliminating the impedance mismatch… 

Switching Action of a Bistable Fluidic Amplifier for Ultrasonic Testing

Air-coupled ultrasonic testing is widely used in the industry for the non-destructive testing of compound materials. It provides a fast and efficient way to inspect large concrete civil

Development of an Accurate and Robust Air-Coupled Ultrasonic Time-of-Flight Measurement Technique

Ultrasonic time-of-flight (ToF) measurements enable the non-destructive characterization of material parameters as well as the reconstruction of scatterers inside a specimen. The time-consuming and

Diffraction of shock waves through a non-quiescent medium

Abstract An investigation of shock diffraction through a non-quiescent background medium is presented using both experimental and numerical techniques. Unlike diffracting shocks in quiescent media, a