Experimental Validation of Docking and Capture Using Space Robotics Testbeds


This presentation describes the application of robotic and computer vision systems to validate docking and capture operations for space cargo wansfer vehicles. Three applications are discussed: 1) Air bearing systems in two dimensions that yield high quality free-flying, flexible, and contact dynamics; 2) Validation of docking mechanisms with misalignment and target dynamics; and 3) Computer vision technology for target location and real-time tracking. All the testheds are supported by a network of engineering workstations for dynamic and controls analyses. Dynamic simulation of mulribody rigid and elastic systems are performed with the TREETOPS code. MATRIXx/System-Build and PRO-MATLAB/Simulab are the tools for control design and analysis using classical and modem techniques such as H-infinity and LQG/LTR. SANDY is a general design tool to optimize numerically a multivariablc robust compensator with a user-defined structure. Mathematica and Macsyma are used to derive symbolically dynamic and kinematic equations.

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