Experimental Ten-Photon Entanglement.

  title={Experimental Ten-Photon Entanglement.},
  author={Xi-Lin Wang and Luo-Kan Chen and Wenqing Li and H-L Huang and Chang Liu and Chunchong Chen and Y-H Luo and Z-E Su and Dian Wu and Z-D Li and He Dong Lu and Yingli Hu and Xiao Jiang and C-Z Peng and Li Li and N-L Liu and Yu-Ao Chen and Chao-Yang Lu and Jian-Wei Pan},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={117 21},
We report the first experimental demonstration of quantum entanglement among ten spatially separated single photons. A near-optimal entangled photon-pair source was developed with simultaneously a source brightness of ∼12  MHz/W, a collection efficiency of ∼70%, and an indistinguishability of ∼91% between independent photons, which was used for a step-by-step engineering of multiphoton entanglement. Under a pump power of 0.57 W, the ten-photon count rate was increased by about 2 orders of… CONTINUE READING
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