Experimental Study on Marl Soil Stabilization Using Natural Pozzolans

  title={Experimental Study on Marl Soil Stabilization Using Natural Pozzolans},
  author={Hadi Bahadori and Araz Hasheminezhad and Farshad Taghizadeh},
  journal={Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering},
AbstractDue to the construction of more civil engineering structures on problematic soils, numerous ground improvement techniques such as soil stabilization have been developed. A wide variety of c... 
The Influence of Natural Pozzolans Structure on Marl Soil Stabilization
Marl as a calcareous soil has heterogeneous nature in terms of structure and properties. Any change in the water content of marl can cause significant strength loss; therefore, prior stabilization
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Potential of Soil Stabilization Using Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBFS) and Fly Ash via Geopolymerization Method: A Review
It is concluded that GGBFS and fly-ash-based geo-polymers for soil stabilization techniques can be successfully used as a binder for soils stabilization, however, additional research is required to meet the requirement of ASTM D 4609 standard in road construction applications, particularly in subgrade layers.
Evaluation of the bearing capacity of poor subgrade soils stabilized with waste marble powder according to curing time and freeze-thaw cycles
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