Experimental Researches in Cerebral Physiology and Pathology

  title={Experimental Researches in Cerebral Physiology and Pathology},
  author={David Ferrier},
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  • D. Ferrier
  • Published 26 April 1873
  • Medicine
  • British Medical Journal
left without aids to diagnosis beyond these which I have yet mentioned. The case which I have supposed is of the worst description as regards diagnosis. In actual practice you will find not merely the seven cardinal symptoms uponwhich we havedwelt so long, but otherminororsecondary symptoms, which, though subjecttogreat variations, often furnishvaluable corroborative testimony. These I can only name. They include delusions of every dye-aphasia, altered affections, sudden impulses, morbid… 
Experimental and clinical studies of localisation before Flourens.
  • M. Macmillan
  • Psychology
    Journal of the history of the neurosciences
  • 1995
It was not until the first half of the nineteenth century that the cerebral structures were properly differentiated and calls for comparative clinical studies of the effects of lesions in different parts of the brain inevitably fell on ears tuned to a framework which could not incorporate them.
A History of Neuropsychology
  • S. Finger
  • Psychology
    Journal of the History of the Neurosciences
  • 2019
The purpose of this paper, and of the others presented at this symposium, is to give a brief resume of these studies and to point out the clinical implications.
Classic Articles of 19th-Century American Neurologists: A Critical Review
  • D. Lanska
  • Medicine
    Journal of the history of the neurosciences
  • 2002
The purpose of this article is to critically review citation classics of 19th-century members of the American Neurological Association (ANA), and to elaborate what these works contributed and why
Chapter 26: a history of seizures and epilepsies: from the falling disease to dysrhythmias of the brain.
  • D. Millett
  • Medicine, Psychology
    Handbook of clinical neurology
  • 2010
Localization of function in the cerebral cortex. Past, present and future.
At a famous meeting of the International Medical Congress held in London on August 4, 1881 Goltz of Strassburg (as it was then spelt) confronted Ferrier of London on the subject of the localization
Phineas Gage's contribution to brain surgery.
  • M. Macmillan
  • Medicine
    Journal of the history of the neurosciences
  • 1996
The context of the localisation debate is set out, concentrating particularly on Broca's clinical observations, and the relation between the Gage case and the operations performed by Burckhardt, Moniz, and Freeman is discussed.
Cortical epileptogenesis and David Ferrier
  • M. Eadie
  • Psychology, Biology
    Journal of the history of the neurosciences
  • 2018
David Ferrier provided experimental verification for Jackson’s reasoning about epileptic seizure mechanisms but expressed the ideas a good deal more clearly than Jackson ever managed to do.