Experimental Observation of Temporal Pumping in Electromechanical Waveguides.

  title={Experimental Observation of Temporal Pumping in Electromechanical Waveguides.},
  author={Yiwei Xia and Emanuele Riva and Matheus Inguaggiato Nora Rosa and Gabriele Cazzulani and Alper Erturk and Francesco Braghin and Massimo Ruzzene},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={126 9},
We experimentally demonstrate temporal pumping of elastic waves in an electromechanical waveguide. Temporal pumping exploits a virtual dimension mapped to time, enabling the generation and control of edge states, typical of two-dimensional systems, in a one-dimensional waveguide. We show experimentally that the temporal modulation of the stiffness drives the transfer of edge states from one boundary of the waveguide to the other. The considered implementation, that consists of an elastic… 

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