Experimental Issues in Coherent Quantum-State Manipulation of Trapped Atomic Ions

  title={Experimental Issues in Coherent Quantum-State Manipulation of Trapped Atomic Ions},
  author={David J. Wineland and Christopher R. Monroe and Wayne M. Itano and Dietrich Leibfried and B. E. King and D. M. Meekhof},
  journal={Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology},
  pages={259 - 328}
Methods for, and limitations to, the generation of entangled states of trapped atomic ions are examined. As much as possible, state manipulations are described in terms of quantum logic operations since the conditional dynamics implicit in quantum logic is central to the creation of entanglement. Keeping with current interest, some experimental issues in the proposal for trappedion quantum computation by J. I. Cirac and P. Zoller (University of Innsbruck) are discussed. Several possible… 

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