Experimental Investigation on Strength and Durability of Graphene Nanoengineered Concrete

  title={Experimental Investigation on Strength and Durability of Graphene Nanoengineered Concrete},
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Smart materials and Green Synthesis: The perfect match for the future
Smart materials must not pollute from production to disposal, and more than that, they must seek compensation for the harmful effects of this evolution on nature.
A comprehensive review of MXenes as catalyst supports for the oxygen reduction reaction in fuel cells
The oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) that occurs in the cathode of fuel cells is a major issue in proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs) due to their sluggish kinetics. Exploring suitable


Preparation and Mechanical Properties of Graphene Oxide: Cement Nanocomposites
The tensile strength of the cement mortar increased with GO content, reaching 1.5%, a 48% increase in Tensile strength.
Dynamic Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Graphene Oxide Nanosheets Reinforced Cement Composites
Microstructural analysis with environmental scanning electron microscopy (ESEM)/backscattered mode (BSEM) showed that the GO-cement composites had a much denser structure and better crystallized hydration products, meanwhile mercury intrusion porosimetry (MIP) testing and image analysis demonstrated that the incorporation of GO in the composites can help in refining capillary pore structure and reducing the air voids content.
High‐Performance Graphene‐Based Cementitious Composites
A cementitious composite incorporating electrochemically exfoliated graphene (EEG) outperforms previously reported cementitious composites containing graphene derivatives and represents a major step forward toward the practical application of nanomaterials in civil engineering.
Mechanical properties and microstructure of graphene oxide cement-based composites
Ultrahigh Performance Nanoengineered Graphene–Concrete Composites for Multifunctional Applications
There is a constant drive for development of ultrahigh performance multifunctional construction materials by the modern engineering technologies. These materials have to exhibit enhanced durability
Materials Genome for Graphene-Cement Nanocomposites
AbstractGraphene nanoplatelets have unique mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties that render them ideal reinforcing materials. The attractive properties of graphene have led to intensive
Graphene Oxide on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Cement Based Composite Material
To investigate the mixing amount of graphene oxide and water cement ratio on the microstructure and mechanical properties of graphene oxide reinforced cement based composite material, graphene oxide